Statistical Links

    You might find the following links useful if you wish us to use materials or services provided by our site.
Acrobat Reader Allows you to read pdf files, such as the notes we produce.
VNC Remote Control Software This software allows a user at one computer to issue commands to another computer over the Internet.  This can be useful if you want to receive very specific help with a stastical analysis.
TeamviewerAnother program that allows you to remotely access another computer over the Internet.
ScreenhunterNice program for taking screenshots. Can be useful when showing people the output you get from statistical analyses.

    Don't feel like getting a consultant?  Below are some online textbooks that can help you answer your own questions about statistics.
HyperStat Online Focuses on introductory topics.  Includes a search engine.  Site also contains listings of other online resources and links to statistical humor!
Introductory Statistics:  Concepts, Models, and Applications Focuses on introductory topics.  Includes a search engine.
A New View of Statistics
Introductory statistics text designed for sport science (but useful for others as well).  Includes a search engine.
Multivariate Statistics:  Concepts, Models, and Applications Actually focues on multiple regression rather than multivariate statistics.  Includes a search engine.
Research Methods Knowledge Base Textbook for social science research methods.  Includes a search engine.
Statistical Associates Ebooks Free .pdf files on a number of statistical topics. Very good material, but you are limited to downloading two of the files every two days.
Topics in Statistical Data Analysis:  Revealing Facts from Data Covers a broad range of topics from an economics and marketing perspective.

    Here are some additional web resources you might find useful.
Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages This page contains a number of links to sites that will perform statistical calculations, from simple descriptive statistics to online interactive graphical programs.
Research Randomizer An online tool that can generate lists of random numbers using many different options that you can specify.
R Homepage
A free statstical analysis program that includes a large number of advanced options.
G*Power 3 Homepage
A free program that performs power analyses for the most common statistical tests in behavioral research.
Fuqua Excel Review
Provides tutorials and guides for Microsoft Excel, useful for both basic and advanced users.
SpreadsheetTo Excel TutorialsAnother site providing Microsoft Excel information
ISI glossary Provides translations of a vast number of statistical terms between different languages.
Optimal Design softwareFree software used to perform power analyses for multilevel models.
Statistics section of "Mathworld"
A nice glossary of statistical tests and terms.  Includes a search engine.
PreziSoftware for giving presentations that are organized spatially. Takes more work to set up than a PowerPoint, but it can really help you convey the conceptual organization of ideas in your talk.

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