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Here you can meet the experienced and competent personnel who handle your questions here at

Jonathan Gallegos, MA, has been the coordinator of the service since January 2017

Jamie DeCoster, PhD, founded the service in September 1998

Zahid Asghar, PhD, joined in April 2002

Don Lifke, MS
, joined in May 2002

Adrian Gilbert, PhD,  joined in July 2002

Laura Massa, PhD,  joined in August 2002

Lacey Gunter, PhD, joined in June 2009

Altaf Khan, MS, joined in February 2010

Eddy Frank Fotsing Kamboh, MS, joined in 2013

Julia Dahl, MS, joined March 2016

Terry Law, MS, joined April 2016

Ben Johnson, MS, joined May 2016

Thomas Lepage, PhD, joined November 2016

Lai Wei, PhD, joined January 2017

August Kane, MS, joined January 2017

Danny Rithy, BS, joined January 2017

Chelsea Heaven, MS, joined January 2017

Basil Mazin, PGD, joined January 2017

Jennifer Thomas, MS, joined January 2017
A special thanks to our former coordinators!

Brianna Middlewood (March 2013 to January 2017)
Sara Debus-Sherrill (June 2011 to March 2013)
Cassie Eno (February 2008 to June 2011)
Anne-Marie Iselin (April 2005 to February 2008)
Jamie DeCoster (November 1998 to April 2005)

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