Statistical Notes

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Introductory Statistics
Based on Moore's The Active Practice of Statistics
Testing Group Differences using T-tests, ANOVA, and Nonparametric Measures
Explains the different methods of testing group differences.  Contains information on between-subjects, within-subjects, and mixed ANOVA, as well as their nonparametric equivalents.  Includes sample SPSS code for all analyses.
Applied Linear Regression set 1
Based on Cohen, Cohen, West, and Aiken's Applied Mulitiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences.  Contains more theoretical detail and includes sample SPSS code.
Applied Linear Regression set 2
Based on Neter, Kutner, Nachtsheim, & Wasserman's Applied Linear Statistical Models.  Contains more mathematical detail and includes sample SAS code.
Transforming and Restructuring Data
Also available:  SPSS examples
Explains efficient ways of transforming data (including tips on getting normal distributions), as well as information about how to change the unit of analysis of a data set.  Includes an overview of programming with arrays and loops in SPSS and SAS.
Describes procedures for quantitatively summarizing the results from mulitple studies.  Focuses on d and r effect sizes.
Psychological Research Methods
Based on a class taught by Jamie DeCoster at the Free University Amsterdam.
Scale Construction
Detailed notes on how to build and test a scale, including sections on validity and reliability analysis.
Using ANOVA to Examine Data from Groups and Dyads
Also available:  HLM overheads
Uses a flowchart to explain how to determine analysis for data from groups and dyads.  Includes a section on how to calculate the intraclass correlation coefficient.  
Mediation Bibliography
Describes several important references related to testing mediation.  Includes links to three mediation websites.

Factor Analysis

Also available: CFA fit statistics


A basic theoretical introduction to exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.


Data Analysis in SPSS
Explains how to perform and interpret the output of a number of different analyses in SPSS, including ANOVA, MANOVA, regression, logistic regression, and factor analysis.
Data Preparation in SPSS8/15/12Explains how to use the menus and syntax to perform basic data preparation in SPSS.
Excel 2003 for Researchers
An overview of Excel 2003 features from the perspective of a researcher.  Includes sections on formulas, importing and exporting files, and the Analysis Toolpak.
Excel 2007/2010 for Researchers 9/07/10 An overview of Excel 2007 and 2010 features from the perspective of a researcher.  Includes sections on formulas, importing and exporting files, and the Analysis Toolpak.
Restructuring Data from Computerized Experiments
Explains how to use SPSS's Data Restructure procedure to easily transform data in univariate format (where each line corresponds to a trial) to multivariate format (where each line correspons to a subject).

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